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This week we saw more news from behind the scenes. As for artists, they’re either hiding behind their albums or hiding in the studio. Meek ignites the flame on Instagram, Dj Khaled comes with another one, Jay-Z is being sued, Luda and Diddy get their own television shows, and more.

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Meek References "WATTBA" on Instagram

Just as we thought the Meek vs Drake fued was over, there was another jab in the fight thrown today. Meek posted a picture of his sparkling diamonds referencing the collab tape between Drake and Future. 

I don't think it's much to mention that Future got Drake and himself a couple FBGOVO rings, but Meek also threw a sly shot in another Instagram post of Jadakiss recent mixtape album cover where Meek used the words, "Finally some rap music..."

Jay Z Forgets He Owns Tidal Music Streaming Service In Court

Jay-Z and Timbaland just started their first day of questioning in their lawsuit trial from the family of Baligh Hamdi, an Egyptian composer who created the main sample used in hit "Big Pimpin.'"

After the first day of the trial Jay-Z was asked what he does for a living and listed everything but Tidal.

When his attorney asked him about Tidal he said:

"Yeah, yeah. Forgot about that," Hova said in correcting himself.

Lamar Odom Update: Breathing on his own

DJ Khaled Tracklist for “I Changed A Lot”


"I Changed a Lot" Tracklist from Bando

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