In the Culture: Baltimore Photographer Brings New Vision of Inner City / by Dennis Williams

Bando's focus for the urban culture likes includes not only the breaking news but the local stories that are just as impactful. For our "In the Culture" series we feature in-depth stories from local artists of all industries making noise in their community. 

Today, we spoke to Kyle Pompey, a Baltimore based photographer who took to the streets to give us another perspective to the inner city. We compiled the pictures into a photo album below but before taking a look, you should see what Pompey has to say. I asked him a couple questions about the collection of photos:

What do you think your pictures here say about Baltimore?

My goal is for people to see my images for what they are and let them affect them the way their hearts are ready to handle it. I shoot the good, bad, and the “beautiful” (in place of “ugly”) of Baltimore. It’s all beautiful because everywhere is someones everyday. 

How did it actually come about?

I’ve actually had a fascination with street photography for over 9 years. However, I was taken in another direction. At this point in my life, I have more time and Im just taking advantage of it. One day I told myself that I would never leave the house without my camera again, and.. I didn’t! 

What's the overall message that you were trying to get across or was there one?

There is no method to my madness. I shoot what I see. There’s always a deeper meaning to the shots I take. They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words… I want you to read my images and find all 1000. 

You can stay up-to-date with Kyle via his site and Instagram: @NiceShotKyle

Take a Look: See Pompey's Eye of the Baltimore Streets