UFO Sighting in California Makes Social Media Waves / by Dennis Williams

One witness could only describe the occurrence as, "opening up like a zombie apocalypse," as the blue light in the sky flickered on.

Twitter and Instagram were taken by storm when the bizarre light in the sky was spotted last night in California. Social media was set on claiming their first real UFO sighting and there’s no credible evidence that the public is incorrect.

Possible #UFO spotted in California last night 👽👀

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Thanks to this smart bystander, there’s a great view of yesterday’s event as you’ll see the bright white orb followed by a blue flash in the dark sky.

Hundreds of locals reported seeing the bright flash in the Santa Monica area but this morning, the US Navy had released their own explanation of the sighting.  

The US Navy has confirmed that the mysterious “meteor” was a scheduled Trident II ballistic missile test flight. Cmdr. Ryan Perry of the Navy’s Third Fleet said in a statement that the rocket was launched from the Kentucky Ohio-class submarine in the Pacific Test Range off the coast of Southern California.”

 -   RT reports.

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