17 Reasons Kanye West Doesn't Fuck With Wiz Khalifa; Wiz Finally Responds / by Dennis Williams

Just yesterday Kanye announced the change of title from 'SWISH' to 'WAVES' for his upcoming album. After announcing that to Twitter, Wiz defended Max B's artistry and claims Ye stole from the legend. Obviously Kanye didn't take too kindly to that remark and SPAZZED.

In Wiz Khalifa's defense, Kanye seems to have neglected the fact that Waves is anything but original. Kanye's rant seems to have started when Wiz tweeted about "KK" in reference to his own strand of medical marijuana. Kanye took it as a shot at Kim and thought the artist was quoting her initials. Here's how it all went down: 

Wiz responded to only a couple of fans after the rant. He's clearly against social media trolling but he wasn't shy with words on stage at his Argentina show last night. See what Khalifa has to say below: