The Best Guest Stars from DJ Khaled's Snapchat by Dennis Williams

DJ Khaled’s Snapchat has been covered by every top media outlet across the internet in the last month. His quotes can be found in every Instagram caption, he’s revolutionized the key emoji, and Tech Crunch says his snapchats average $2 million views each.

Still, what would Khaled’s adventures be without his company. No, not his record label, no not the headphones, I mean his friends. Here we rank the best guest appearances from DJ Khaled‘s Snapchat:

Bryson Tiller

Bryson may have made the most impressive appearance on Khaled’s snapchat when he met with the our daily pastor in the middle of the ocean… the middle of the ocean. The two were spinning on jet skis at the time on the open Miami water. It certainly made for great day on Khaled’s snapchat, until he got lost at sea just a few hours later. Someone should tell him to not play himself on the jetski, DON’T (tiller voice).

Benjamin Kickz

Benjamin Kickz is always “boomin’” as his catch phrase suggests. The young sneakerhead strangely travels everywhere with DJ Khaled, even across the country. At least once a day you’ll come across the question “Ben, how’s business?”, to which he always responds - BOOMIN’.

We’re still trying to figure out how old Ben actually is but age is just a number when it comes to the sneaker community. Check out Ben's Instagram (@BenjaminKicks) or check in with him on Khaled’s snapchat. He never says more than what needs to be said, often that means just one word.

Kim K

Kim K blesses @djkhaled on snapchat today. #kimkardashian #keytosuccess

A photo posted by Bando (@thebandoapp) on

We had to add Kim Kardashian to the list not only because she distracted us throughout her guest appearance but DJ Khaled also may be the sole reason behind her joining the Snapchat world.

It’s not like we can miss Kim anywhere else; from her Kimojis to her family series on E!, her life is already public. But I wouldn't mind hearing [seeing] her keys to success. 

Taz Angels

If you’re new to Khaled’s snaps then you might have missed his neighborly visits to none other than the Taz Angels mansion. In pure DJ Khaled fashion, he periodically pulls up to the backyard of the Taz Angels estate and their guest appearances usually turn into a takeover.

Any Taz Angels appearance deserves a few video loops because they’re that entertaining. The Miami DJ stopped by their place during the holidays and walked into a living room full of twerking models.

Honorable Mentions:

Chef Dee (@ChefDee305) - Where would DJ Khaled be without his egg whites?

Miami Coastguard - For some reason he just won't learn, so we actually see them quite a lot. Each time better than the last. 


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How to Actually Grow Your SoundCloud as an Independent Artist by Dennis Williams


As 2016 rolls around, Bando is focused on introducing new knowledge and insight to the world and one of the first orders of business is to spread light among the early growth of independent artists.

With the rise of music streaming platforms consuming the year 2015, we’ve seen a much bigger focus placed on the internet rather than radio plays, club spins, or even store bought albums. But even with the growth of Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify, the need for SoundCloud has remained high. SoundCloud is used by both independent and signed artists to allow both their new and core fanbase a free way to stream songs or playlists.


Bando knows that SoundCloud is still a major avenue for the early growth of new artists. Here are few ways to work smarter in growing your SoundCloud profile:

Use Enticing Pictures

Underground music is undoubtedly a game of first impressions. Before users see a title or even an artist’s name, the visual catches their eye. Design an attractive profile image and avatar for your single records.

Simplicity works well on SoundCloud and the simple, high quality images tend to be easily recognizable and help users identify your work quickly when searching. Artwork is also an extension of your brand, it should fit the image you are displaying as an artist! If your visuals are designed poorly then people tend to think that your music won’t be worth a listen either.

If you don’t have any resources for graphics or creative work, Twitter is a great place to network with those who do custom artwork. There are also services like Fiverr or Canva which are free or low cost options.



One of the most organic ways to be found is through SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Most users who are searching on SoundCloud or any other platform don’t know exactly what they’re looking for but they are looking for something. Put your best foot forward and help your content get found.

Using genre tags, record label names, similar artists, adjectives that describe the song, and other popular songs are great ways to tag your singles and profile to help your music get discovered.

Build a Network

Believe it or not, SoundCloud is a social network so building a follower base here is just as important as Twitter or Instagram for independent artists. Networking and collaboration is a mutual relationship.

The best way to gain interactive followers is to begin as one. Take a few hours per week as you begin your SoundCloud profile to listen, follow, comment, and like the work of similar artists. Genuinely contribute to another artists movement and you’ll see those efforts returned.

Remain Consistent

To create a massive following, you’ll have to provide the substance. Even the best profiles have gaps throughout the year where they haven’t updated their profile in some time. But as an emerging artist, it’s important that you remain consistent.

Consistently being active on SoundCloud and uploading new music makes you seem accountable, helps establish a solid foundation, and makes it easier to get discovered.


Because you don’t have the line of eager fans waiting for you to drop a new record on SoundCloud, you have to act as your own distribution arm. Remember to share your SoundCloud profile the conventional route, through your Facebook and Twitter. But also try to venture outside of your network. Be wary of appearing as spam but find online forums and social network groups (Google + and Facebook) that invite new, independent music exposure.

With quality content and the right approach, artists have launched their music career from the grounds of SoundCloud. To find more tips like these and all industry news, download Bando for Android or iOS.

Stream Juicy J's New Mixtape, O's to Oscars (w/ Wiz Khalifa, Logic & More) by Dennis Williams

Juicy J took to Instagram yesterday to announce the unexpected mixtape, O's to Oscars. This is the artists first project since his September release 100% Juice. You'll find that Juicy J enlisted some of the best producers in the game: Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin, and Zaytoven.

He also brought on some features that will keep you spinning the O's to Oscars mixtape: Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, and Logic. Though we were hoping to see A$AP Rocky on the tracklist as well, I guess we'll have to wait for their collaboration for a little longer. 

Listen to O's to Oscars below:

Vote for the 2015 Bando Awards by Dennis Williams

Bando has always cared about informing our audience with the best news, now we want to hear what you think. This list has yet to be finalized but in the meantime, cast your votes for the 2015 Bando Awards!

Below you'll find the categories listed, some allow for you to submit you're own answer. Don't forget to mark the date because the Bando Awards will be announced through our newsletter on Christmas Eve. Thanks for rocking with us and tell Bando about a friend, we're worth the read!

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Stream the Latest Thanksgiving Mixtape Releases in One Place by Dennis Williams

Thanksgiving was definitely a holiday filled with new music. The mixtape airwaves were filled with mixtapes from artists like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and Fabolous. We've got all of their mixtape streams below, so take a listen. 

Renzel Remixes - Rick Ross

J Cole and Kendrick Lamar Swap Tracks

Summertime Shootout - Fabolous

Before the Party - Summertime Shootout

No Ceilings 2 - Lil Wayne

The Best of the Best #ThanksgivingwithBlackFamilies Memes by The Bando Team

In light of the Holidays we wanted to find some stories that will give you something to actually do on your phone when your distant aunt starts questioning you about your dating life.

Happy Thanksgiving, we've got some food for thought! With the anticipation of the food fest, social media platforms have been flooded with hilarious memes following the hashtag #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies.

The hashtag has given insight on the culture and experience when attending a black family's Thanksgiving (in a pretty funny way). The meme features multiple celebrities from actors, rappers, basketball players and more.

Scroll through our selection of memes that stood out the most to the Bando team!

*All pictures via black Twitter or Instagram.